Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is there a rehab for an Alpaca?

We have an alpaca at the ranch who is quite the clown. His name is Thing. He can be very entertaining.

Thing the chicken grain addict
He loves chicken feed so much, that when I walk into the Alpaca's pen to feed the chickens, I have to have my husband fend off Thing. He will follow me and try to get his head into the bucket to eat all of the chicken grain.
Thing with his head in the bucket of grain!
Gary removing the bucket.

If Thing can't get his head into the bucket then he tries plan B. He gets his head into the chicken coop thru the opening that the chickens use  to come and go outside.
Things rear
There is nothing more funny than for me to be in the chicken coop feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs to see this!
Thing looking for chicken grain.
Once he gets his fix for the day, then he just wanders off to eat hay with the rest of the guys. He may be a pain to us at chore time, but we still love him.