Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Tale about Pan's Tail

Some of our younger girls
Brrr... old man winter is blowing a lot of frigid air our way. The next few days we are going to be in the single digits for few days, with wind chills below 0. Our alpacas will be fine with this weather. But our other animals, we have to keep a close eye on.
 Our Maremma Sheepdogs, have two coats of fur and do not mind the cold. We make sure that they all come in and get warm in the house once or twice a day when it is this cold outside. We brought Pan inside this morning after chores. Somehow he lost some of his fur off the tip of his tail. We do not want his tail to be frost bitten.
Pan's tail
 I had knitted a finger puppet from my hand spun alpaca fiber. I had not put a face on it yet. I thought this would fit the tip of his tail perfectly. But would he keep it on?
An unfinished alpaca finger puppet
 So we put an old sock over it, then taped it on. He has not taken it off. I am keeping my fingers crossed that once he goes outside, that he doesn't lose it in the woods while he is on patrol guarding the alpacas.
Pan's tail
 The finger puppet being made from alpaca will keep his tail nice & warm. Maybe I should patent this? ;>)

Yes, he can still wag his tail