Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yet another winter snow storm

Santa and his reindeer should have no problem delivering presents Christmas Eve here in Northern Michigan. We have about 2 & 1/2 feet of snow on the ground, and it is still snowing. Doing chores in this weather can be trying. Gary & I go outside no matter what the weather, to take care of them.  We find things like this poor chicken that we rescued from being buried alive in the snow.
I think she was rather happy to see us.
Our Maremma Sheepdogs have two coats of fur and do really well in the snowstorms. They all have dog houses to cuddle up in and stay warm. This pic is Meadows condo.
The next pic is of Meadow trying to catch a mouse under the snow.
The snow has piled up against the girls fence. We will have to try and move the fence feeders. 
As you can see, the Alpacas fiber keeps them warm and dry underneath all of the snow.
I also wear my Alpaca's fiber to protect me from the winter elements. I spun and knitted this ski mask from Thumper's fiber. 
Well tomorrow will be another day of "digging out" of the snow. N. MI is truly a winter wonderland.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow, snow & more snow

Here it is Dec 15th. Not officially winter yet! We have over a foot of snow on the ground. Below normal temps with wind chills below 0. This cold weather came so fast, there seemed to be no time to adjust to it. I know the rest of the nation has been dealing with the arctic cold and snowstorms too. We have lost a lot of our old chickens. They just don't do well in cold weather. We also have lost two of our older Alpaca gals. They were a part of our original Alpaca herd purchase.   R.I.P. Abbey & Plum. We now have added Probiotics to all of the Alpaca & goats daily diet. Along with their grain, minerals & hay. Next we will start growing fodder to supplement their diets. Hopefully this will keep the rest of the herd healthy through winter. I have some pics I took today of the Alpacas & snow. Enjoy! 

The gals
The two crias

The guys with Gary trying to clean the snow out of the fence feeders.
Meadow one of our Maremma Sheepdogs. She doesn't mind all of the snow.