Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cria #2 was born this morning

We went out to do our chores this morning and found another surprise. Bella had given birth to a female cria. The cria was already running around in the pen. Bella (mommy) usually gives birth around noon. I guess she decided to have the baby during the cool hours of the morning. Here are some pictures of the new cria. I also have a couple of videos posted to YouTube of the latest cria. Now we have to name them. Any suggestions?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A New Cria Was Born Today

We have been on cria watch this past couple of weeks.  We had a new "mommy" bred this year, so we are not always sure how things will go or how long she will go before giving birth.   Pocahontas was bred to one of our studs named Cyrano. The bred date was 8/20/11.  The average gestation for an Alpaca is 11.5  months. As you can see, she was just under 11 months.   Oh and it is a girl!  She weighs 17 lbs.  So here are the pics when we first went out after the thunderstorm this morning, to do chores and check on all of the critters.  I also posted a couple of videos to YouTube.   One of them is graphic, as it does show her expelling her afterbirth.

It's a girl!
New Mom & Cria

Friday, July 6, 2012

Shearing & haying are finally done

We live in Northern Michigan, so we shear later than the farms south of us, as we usually are cooler here in the north. This year though has been an exception. We have never had so many hot & humid days in the spring. I'm talking high 80s & low 90s!  Our Alpacas were very happy to have their winter coats sheared off.  We did shearing on June 22nd.  Our schedule was changed due to both the shearer having a family emergency and then the weather. The night before our second date for shearing it stormed and our Alpacas decided to cool off in the rain, which of course they were soaked. We cannot shear them when they are wet to their skin. We did finally shear on June 22nd.   We had a really good crew of helpers considering the last minute changes of the date and that it was during the work week.  Thanks everyone, we really appreciate it!
Dave our shearer
Our neighbors bagging the fiber.
Edie holding Cyrano's head & Gary cutting nails.

After shearing on Friday, Gary & I drove to Mackinaw City early Saturday morning to setup my booth for the Arts & Craft show for the weekend. Wow, were we tired after those 3 days.  Then the following week, our neighbors started cutting hay. So we worked on unloading the hay wagons and stacking them in the barn. They also helped us unload when they could. One day that we worked it was over 90 degrees again. Talk about a scorcher! We put up over 600 bales in the barn this year. I'm glad that job is over.  It sure is nice to live in a community, where we all help each other. That is what I most love about living here in rural Northern Michigan. Thanks again everyone.

This weekend (July 7 & 8), I will be at the Dancing Hippo Show in Bearinger Township. It is a show you don't want to miss! So, if you are "up-north" , plan on attending the show. You won't be disappointed. I hear a lot of people complain to me at this show, that it is to hot to think about wearing Alpaca, but this year I have a surprise for all of you. I have something that you can wear that will cool you during this heat wave. So stop my booth to see what it is!  

I promise to try and update my blog more often!  (I admit, I have been slacking). Have a great weekend everyone!