Sunday, July 15, 2012

A New Cria Was Born Today

We have been on cria watch this past couple of weeks.  We had a new "mommy" bred this year, so we are not always sure how things will go or how long she will go before giving birth.   Pocahontas was bred to one of our studs named Cyrano. The bred date was 8/20/11.  The average gestation for an Alpaca is 11.5  months. As you can see, she was just under 11 months.   Oh and it is a girl!  She weighs 17 lbs.  So here are the pics when we first went out after the thunderstorm this morning, to do chores and check on all of the critters.  I also posted a couple of videos to YouTube.   One of them is graphic, as it does show her expelling her afterbirth.

It's a girl!
New Mom & Cria

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