Tuesday, January 25, 2011

R.I.P. Renoir

Renoir Rose Sept.12, 1998 - Jan.25, 2011

I hate to post bad news, but today is a sad day.  This morning we found Renoir laying in the shelter dead.  We don't know what he died of. He was 13 years old and was showing signs of an aging Alpaca. He looked as if he had been cushed and was chewing some hay before he passed.  He also looked bloated. So without a necropsy it is hard to say what might have happened or if it was just a natural death.  He did not show any signs that he was in distress or not doing any of his normal daily alpaca habits. I did notice he was humming to me the other day, but I knew he was hungry as he was standing by the feeder waiting for his hay to be delivered  by Gary. He stopped humming and started to eat once Gary put the hay in the feeder.
We don't like days like this on the ranch. We love to experience the birth of the crias, but the death of our alpacas are very hard for us. He is our second adult alpaca that we have lost since owning  alpacas.  We also lost a cria this past spring (our first).  It just doesn't get any easier. We always look at ourselves and question if we missed something or was their something else we could have done for them. We just have to accept the fact that it is the cycle of life and it will happen again.

Renoir Rose in full fleece.

Thing, Renoir & Sugar Ray
Renoir will be missed by his best buddies.


  1. That is so sad. :(

    It sounds like Renoir had the best life any alpaca could ask for, and wonderful owners who will miss him very much. *hug*

  2. Oh I am so very sorry. I am sure Renoir was just like a member of the family to you. It is never easy.


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