Saturday, July 16, 2011

The lazy alpaca days of summer. Not!

Boy, the time sure flies when your having fun.  Gary & I have been busy here this summer.  We have done 3 Arts & Crafts shows to date and I have 3 more scheduled into the month of August. I have been busy with making more items to sell for the shows. Below is a picture of my booth. I also like to demonstrate spinning at my booth.  I can then educate children about how yarn is made. 
It is also haying season. We also have been putting up our hay bales for the winter.  Between the alpacas and the goats, we figured we will need 700 bales this year.  Here is a picture of Gary bringing more hay for us to unload into the hay building. 

As far as the Alpacas, they are enjoying the summer weather too.  Some of them love to sun themselves. The first time we ever saw one of  our alpacas doing this, we thought he was dead! It gave us such a scare.  We went running into the pen, to see him roll over and get up. We then laughed!

Do you have any sunscreen?

Are you awake?

Well this is all that I have to write about at the moment. I need to go down to the barnyard and help Gary clean up alpaca poo.  I know that summer is a busy time for everyone.  I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer.

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