Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is in the Air

It is hard to believe that it is spring already.  We have had some wild weather here in northeast Michigan. It is hard for us not to blog and talk about record breaking weather.  I'm a little late in blogging about the winter storm that we experienced on Sat. March 3rd. We had no power for 12 hours during the storm, but was lucky enough to get ours restored compared to others in the area that were without power for days.
Our Road

Digging out the next day
As you can see in the above pictures, it was a very wet heavy snow. We had at least 18 inches more on top of what we had gotten on Leap Day.  It took my husband hours to plow us out on his tractor. It was very beautiful outside the day after the storm as you can see in the above picture.

Now we have gone from the beautiful winter scene above to mud season here at the ranch. We have been experiencing some very summer like temps. We are running 30 to 40 degrees above our average temperature for this time of year, breaking all kinds of records.  All of that snow melted in two days.  We live on the Ocqueoc River and the alpacas pastures and our property are a part of that watershed.  This means that the open farm fields 3 miles west of our property melted snow runs through our property down to the river.
Water in pastures

Driveway to barnyard

Girls Pen
Other signs that spring is here are the return of all of the song birds, predator birds and of course the Turkey Vultures. I happened to get a picture of one sitting on this old homestead.
Turkey Vulture

Of course spring also means BABIES here on the ranch. Eva our dairy goat is the first one due any day. Look at the girth on this gal. I'm thinking she is going to have triplets again.


I also wanted to share one more picture for this post. I happened to get a good picture of the moon during the day. It was not quite full, but it sure was big and beautiful.
Moon in the daylight!

I will be posting more pictures on our facebook page. Make sure to like us if you haven't already.
Happy Spring everyone!


  1. ah yes, we have some of that water in the pasture area and pens. They alpacas don't seem to mind, but I worry sometimes when I step if my boot might get left behind.


    1. LOL That has happened to both my husband & myself. Nothing like a wet& muddy sock!

  2. Hi
    I have just discovered your blog and really enjoyed it, especailly reading about "Thing". We live in New Zealand with two maremmas called Jasper and Nellie. Jasper's has his own blog

  3. Thank You, I will also follow Jasper's blog. I just love the maremmas, they are an amazing breed.


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