Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Water Chores

Another reason we cannot wait for warmer weather is during the winter we have to shut down the watering system to the barnyard due to the pipes freezing.  My husband & I haul water from our house to the barnyard.  We use the tractor and water containers. We do this twice a week for the alpacas and the chickens get their water twice daily which we hand carry down while doing the daily chores.  We also heat all of the water tanks (yes our animals are spoiled). Here are a few pics today of Gary hauling water before the storm that is supposed to be here tonight and tomorrow. Yes the weatherman is predicting more snow for us, just as the snow piles were starting to disappear. Sigh... Lets hope this will be the last snowstorm of the season.

Gary & his tractor

Bucket full of water containers

Headed down to the barnyard

I seen a robin today, so it is now officially spring here in N. MI.  We also have our two pair of kill deer birds return to our pastures. They always nest in 2 different pastures and we are careful of not running them over with the tractor. 

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