Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Winter Blahs

I'm sure ready for spring. We have had some song birds return from their winter homes and the finches are starting to turn yellow again. These are sure signs that spring is on it's way, but not soon enough for me.We keep getting a few inches of wet snow here almost daily this last week.  I think the animals are ready for spring also. Here are a couple of pics of the dogs and the alpacas.

We are tired of the snow.

Where's the grass?
I have been passing the time with a little spinning of yarn and some knitting. I haven't done as much as I thought I would get done this winter with spinning, knitting and weaving. I just haven't felt very "creative". I don't care to share my personel life on the internet for everyone to read, but this has been a difficult winter for my husband and I. My father was diagnosed last spring with dementia. He lived in North Carolina. To far of a distance from us here in MI to be able to help him.  So we have him living here with us. It has been an adjustment and a drain for my creativity. We are managing okay with him, but some nice warm weather sure would be nice for all of us to spend sometime outside, instead of in the house  24/7.  Lets all hope for an early spring, as the groundhog promised us.

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