Sunday, February 23, 2014

We give Mother Nature, We are crying Uncle.

Enough is enough already!  It has been blowing & snowing here for three days now. When the wind blows out of the west, the snow piles into the Alpaca pens. Here are some pics of the drifts of snow. We have to dig out the guys gate to get into them and the chickens.

The drifts are almost over the 5 ft fence between the girls & guys pens. Thank goodness the Alpacas do not like getting into deep snow, because they could easily walk over the fence.

Here is a picture of Gary and the Alpacas as he ventures into the pen to get to the chicken coop. Notice how high the drift is compared to him?

It is supposed to blow even more this afternoon. Once it stops blowing, we can get the tractor in and start the digging out.  We sure will be glad when this winter is over.  Lady Liberty is smiling for her picture. She doesn't seem to mind the weather.

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