Monday, September 3, 2018

Hello anybody listening?

Hi Strangers! Guess who? It's me, Liz.
Yes, I know I have not posted here in a very long time. Life just got in the way. I now have a few extra minutes to start again.  For an update on the ranch-we currently own 32 alpacas, some chickens, and have added Muscovy ducks. We have 4 new Maremmas' LGDs. Two of our older dogs passed this last winter and Pan now lives in the house with us. He has hip issues and is slow because of his age. He is 13 years old. So we needed to add some young blood to guard our livestock.
I still hand make products from our Alpacas fiber.  I am a Spinolution spinning wheel dealer and a dealer of Brother drum carders. Our on-line store has changed. We now have our own website with an easy to use on-line store.   We still schedule tours here at the ranch for you to come and learn about the alpacas and visit.  So contact me if you are interested by commenting here or by email. I still am doing art and craft shows.  I will make a separate post with my schedule for the rest of the 2018 year.  So stay tuned for more and if there is something you would like me to blog about,  just ask.

Here are some current pictures from the ranch.

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